The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar

The London-Paris Number Theory Seminar meets twice per year, once in London and once in Paris. It is supported by a grant from the London Mathematical Society, and ANR Projet ArShiFo ANR-BLAN-0114.

London organizers: David Burns, Kevin Buzzard Fred Diamond, Yiannis Petridis, Alexei Skorobogatov, Andrei Yafaev.

Paris organizers: Pierre Charollois, David Harari, Michael Harris, Marc Hindry, Benjamin Schraen, Jacques Tilouine.

Sixteenth meeting, London, 9/06/14.

The 16th meeting of the LPNTS will take place in London, at Imperial College, on the 9th of June. The precise room and times are TBA.

The schedule:

Farrell Brumley (U. Paris 13): "Sup norms of automorphic forms"
Andrew Granville (U. de Montreal, Cambridge U)
Harald Helfgott (CNRA, Ecole Normale Superieure)


Brumley: There has been a lot of recent activity on the problem of estimating the sup norm of L^2 normalized automorphic forms. Most attention has been devoted to the compact setting, where there are firm conjectures to work with. In recent preprint, N. Templier and I have explored the question of what happens without the hypothesis of compacity. Cusp forms on non-compact finite volume locally symmetric spaces decay rapidly at infinity, but before doing so, they evince a sort of automorphic Gibbs phenomenon, attaining their largest value before dying. We are able to quantify this for SL_n(Z) and find bounds on a different scale in comparison with the compact setting.

Previous few meetings:

Tenth meeting (London, 01/06/2011)
Eleventh meeting (Paris, 21/11/2011)
Twelfth meeting (London, 30/05/2012)
13th meeting (Paris, 22/10/2012)
14th meeting (London, 3,4/6/2013)
15th meeting (Paris, 18/11/13)

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