Mariano Beguerisse Díaz

CV (31/03/2014)

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London working with with Sophia Yaliraki and Mauricio Barahona.

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I'm co-organising a satellite workshop on Complexity and Networks at ICCSA2014 on June 23-26 in Le Havre, France.
See our workshop's website for more information, and please consider submitting an abstract for your talk.


The unifying theme of my research interests is the mathematical representation of biological and human made systems with a special focus on networks. Systems in a wide variety of disciplines can be abstracted by a network. Representing a system with a network has many advantages, perhaps the biggest is that their structure, and the processes that take place on them, can be precisely represented and studied mathematically.

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Mariano Beguerisse Díaz
Department of Mathematics
Imperial College London
6M34 Huxley Building
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ, U.K.